Gyo-un Products Limited Edition

LMJR12XNC-NWL03 (Limited Edition 2)


Product details


Color: Indigo

  Total Side Length – 109cm
  Waist – 87cm
  Hip – 108cm
  Inseam – 83cm


70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, subtle fading and whiskering through thighs, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Chemical and Bio Wash, Indigo Paint, the black stones on the eyes of the dragons.



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The dragon is an imaginary animal. 

It is regarded as the mysterious existence and has been professed as the deity who presides over phenomena of weather and water in Japan. It is believed to raise a thundercloud or a storm with its roar, and turn into a tornado to soar into and fly in the sky freely. 


Originally, it was a snake god established in India. The snake god descended to China as translated into “a dragon” or “a dragon king” and the present image was formed there. Then “a dragon” came over to Japan from China and got to be an object of worship as it was assimilated to Japanese snake worship. 




At the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China,

there is a waterfall called Ryumon, literally means “Dragon Gate,” in the torrent. 

It is said that fish which succeed in swimming up the Ryumon will obtain

spiritual power and become a dragon.

Although a lot of fish tried to swim up the waterfall, but no fish could accomplish it. 


One day a carp challenged to the waterfall. 

He leaped the waterfall powerfully against the fierce current and

finally transformed into a dragon at the top of the waterfall. 


The dragon went up into the heavens and

practiced a form of asceticism in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. 

After the dragon completed the austerities,

he was recognized by Heaven and obtained the proof called Nyoi Houju,

the ball which has mysterious power to grant various wishes at will. 

And he descended to the earth to preach to all living things

and became an earthly genius.