Gyo-un Products Limited Edition

LMJR12XNB-NB001 (Limited Edition)


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Color: Indigo

  Total Side Length – 109cm
  Waist – 87cm
  Hip – 108cm
  Inseam – 83cm


70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, subtle fading and whiskering through thighs, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Chemical and Bio Wash,Indigo Paint



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Nioh is a nickname for the statue of a guardian, Kongoh Rikishi, which is made to guard

Buddhist temples. Nioh, which is a pair of open-mouthed statue and closed-mouthed

one, stands at the entrance of temples and it is thought to be the figures of a Buddhist

deity and his alter ego who guard the Buddha and intercept enemies. 


Nioh is popular with people as one of familiar Buddhist statues since it always meets

worshipers at the entrance. Thus Nioh often appears in folk tales of all parts of Japan. 


Why does Nioh watch over the Buddha? There is a folk tale like this.




Once upon a time,

there was a man with marvelous physical strength, named Nioh.

Nobody could beat him

although lots of brawny men challenged him to measure their strength. 

He had boasted himself to be Japan’s strongest man,

but one day, he learned that there was a man with brute force in Tenjiku, that is, India.


He finally realized his dream of going over to Tenjiku

and challenged the man to measure his strength

but he could not defeat the man at all. 


He could not help but feel so disappointed

and made a plea for Buddha’s help. 


“Please, please make me win. 

If I defeat the man through your help, I will be your follower.” 


After he prayed to Buddha desperately,

he challenged the man again and beat the man finally. 

The man tempted him over and over again and he was never beaten.


After he came back to Japan as proudly as a peacock,

he became a follower of Buddha as he promised

and began to guard Buddha at the entrance of a temple.