Highest Quality in Japan


Complete Original WAGARA Design


All designs drawn on GYO-UN jeans are completely original.  One Kyoto E-Shi artist draws sketches, puts colors in thoroughly and brings his WAGARA arts to life with his original artistic representation.


Essence of Artist’s Sophisticated Technique


All the WAGARA arts are drawn by one E-Shi artist with the essence of his sophisticated technique.  They admit of no assembly job by some workers.  You can take GYO-UN jeans with his outstanding world directly.


Elaborateness and Liveliness Created by Japanese Original Technique


Japanese original coloring, which is compounded gold and silver, is used for WAGARA arts on GYO-UN jeans and is rubbed into the fabric over and over again. In brief, they are drawn with time-consuming technique.  That is why you are all charmed with the beauty of the represented world on GYO-UN jeans.


Silver Weft of Denim


Silver thread is used for weft of denim which is used for GYO-UN jeans and it makes jeans shine mysteriously like an aura by reflection of light.  The denim is tough-to-get and exceptional beautiful material itself.  That is why the WAGARA arts with gold and silver adjust to the fabric moderately and you can find GYO-UN jeans are not just another painted jeans.


Japanese Number-One Sewing Technique


The denim for GYO-UN jeans is woven specially and dyed in Japan, and they are sewed by artisans in Okayama Prefecture, the best jeans-producing prefecture in Japan.  So that GYO-UN jeans are totally unparalleled in quality.