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GMJR12XWC-NW009 (Dragon & Tiger)


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70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Bio Wash



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In the ancient Chinese thought named Shiho Shijin (four gods said to rule over the four directions,) a dragon is believed to rule over the east and a tiger the west.  A dragon, the conqueror of the heaven, and a tiger, the one of the earth, are regarded as the two greatest strong, so they are said to be drawn on the arts together to sweep away demons and evil spirits by their powerful spirit. 


The art of a dragon which raises clouds to call rain and a tiger which raises wind by his roar was very popular among Sengoku Busho, Japanese military commanders of the Sengoku period, and Zen priests because the figure of a dragon and a tiger was compared to that of the conqueror who meet with winds and clouds, namely, that of a hero who appears in the world.  


There is a program of Noh play in which the art of a dragon and a tiger is represented visually.




A Japanese monk went over to China to visit

at traces of the spread of the Buddhist teachings. 

When he was walking a mountain path viewing the hazy landscape of

a bamboo forest at the foot of a far mountain, he met an old woodman. 


He told the old man that

he was visiting the Buddhism-spreading and was going to visit India. 

“India is at the end of the world. 

It is empty to dismiss what you see in front of you and

to seek the teachings of Buddhism in the outside,” the old man spoke. 


The monk was impressed with what the old man said,

and he asked about the reason

why the bamboo forest at the foot of the far mountain veiled in haze,

the wind blew fiercely and it looks to be a terrible scene. 

“The bamboo forest is the habitat of a tiger. 

Once a cloud hangs over it from the high mountain opposite to it,

a dragon comes down and the battle between the dragon and the tiger begins,”

the old man answered. 


Then the old man went away advising,

“It is not quite something limited to a dragon and a tiger

that living things strive for mastery. 

All human beings are the same. 

Once the dragon roars, clouds come up and

once the tiger roars, the wind arises. 

If you would like to witness the sight in detail,

watch it hiding behind a rock in the bamboo forest.”


The monk approached the forest and

watched the situation hiding behind a rock. 

Then, clouds came up from the mountain soon,

the rain started falling down suddenly,

thunder cracked and a dragon appeared in the lightning. 

A tiger showed up from a cave before long and

raised a strong wind to repel the clouds raised by the dragon. 


The battle between the dragon and the tiger began

with that the dragon came down from the clouds and flied at the tiger. 

However, the battle was not settled. 

Once the dragon went up into the clouds, the tiger ran up a cliff

but saw the dragon off regrettably and went back into the cave.