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GMJR12XWC-NW006 (Fu-jin Rai-jin)


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70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Bio Wash



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風神雷神【FU-JIN & RAI-JIN】


Among natural disasters which show off so great force that human have fear, strong wind and thunder are the most representative and the closest disasters.  Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin are each apotheosized figures of strong wind and thunder. 


Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin are famous for the figures drawn on the folding screen by a Japanese artist, Soutatsu Tawaraya, during Edo era and the folding screen is one of the national treasures.  Then lots of other artists have made many replicas of his masterpiece.




In the world of Buddhism,

Buddhist deities, who belong to the guardians called Tenbu,

have fought against evil deities,

who disturb the weather of the natural world to guard the world. 

Among the evil deities,

Fu-Jin, the deity of wind, and Rai-Jin, the one of thunder, had been

the fiercest enemies, who appear suddenly and draw plague,

and they had been the greatest trouble to the Buddhist deities of Tenbu.


A few deities of Tenbu tried to make Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin surrendered

but they were no match for Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin. 

And then, the 28 deities of Tenbu who guard Senju Kannon intercepted

Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin with all their might. 


After the battle, the 28 deities succeeded

in making Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin surrendered at last. 

Fu-Jin and Rai-Jin swore that

they would redeem the people by calling over a deity of rain to moisten crops

when the people suffered from drought. 

Thus they became good deities who guard the teachings of Buddhism.