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GMJR12XWB-NW005 (Han’nya)


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70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Bio Wash



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Han’nya is one of the masks for Noh play and represents the female figure transforming into a snake due to her intense jealousy.  Han’nya, which mixed feelings of a woman, whose jealousy or fury turned her into a demon involuntarily, such as jealousy, grudges, grief, sorrow, qualms and shame fuse into, represents the limit of human jealousy by the monstrous look with the horns, the golden eyes and the mouth bared her fangs.


Among many programs of Noh play, Han’nya mask is used for a few programs.  The one named “Dojo-ji” originated with the Legend of Anchin and Kiyohime, in which a woman transforms herself into a snake due to her jealousy. 




Once upon a time,

there was a daughter named Kiyohime in an inn. 

She fell in love with an ascetic monk called Anchin, who called by

at the inn on the way to the Kumano Taisha shrine from Oushu. 

Anchin, however, did not meet her love for him

because he had been still an apprentice. 

He promised her to call by at the inn again on his way home and left for Kumano. 


However, he never showed up in front of Kiyohime on the promised day. 

Then, she asked travelers coming back from Kumano Taisha shrine about him

and was told that he had already gone home by another way. 

She boiled over with rage at his breaking the promise and his betrayal,

and she pursued after him with her hair disheveled. 

“Her figure was unearthly,” the passers-by who saw her whispered.


She came up with him at last but he was so astonished to see her

coming up with a demon-like look and told her “you had a wrong man.” 

Then he ran away from her saying his prayers and

his prayers dazzled her eyes. 

She was maddened by losing sight of him and finally transformed into a snake.


Anchin crossed a river and took to the Dojo-ji temple to have help from monks. 

They got a temple bell down and hided him in it. 

Kiyohime, who turned into a snake, kept looking about for Anchin

tumbling in the main building of the Dojo-ji temple

but she could not find him. 


She crawled out in the precinct of the temple in a fury and

found out the lace of his straw sandals caught under the temple bell. 

She coiled herself up around the bell and

burned him to death breathing out red blaze.