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GMJR12XNC-NW007 (Sharaku)


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70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, subtle fading and whiskering through thighs, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Stone-Bio-Fade Washed



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Sharaku is the name of a famous artist of Ukiyo-e. 

The word “Ukiyo” means “modern” and Ukiyo-e is one of the paintings depicting the manners and customs of the day.  Ukiyo-e has various themes such as drama, classical literature, Tanka poetries, customs, local legends and strange tales, portraits, still life, cultural enlightenment, the Imperial House and religions.




In the Edo era, many Ukiyo-e artists were turned out. 

Among these artists, Toshusai Sharaku cut a conspicuous figure. 

Sharaku was a mysterious artist whose dates of birth and death,

real name and family background have been unknown.

Sharaku made a brilliant debut by publishing

28 luxurious Okubie, “large-head” pictures, on which

mica powder was used for a plain background. 


Sharaku represented identities of actors boldly and skillfully

by having a good command of deformation. 

The expressions and postures Sharaku represented were dynamic,

and the unique works, which had not existed before that, amazed

common people in the Edo period.


However, 10 months after the debut,

Sharaku vanished abruptly leaving 146 works and

never appeared in the limelight again. 


It remains a mystery who Sharaku was.