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GMJR12XNB-NW004 (Hawk)


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70% Cotton / 20% Cupra Rayon / 10% Polyester, Five-pocket styling, Zip fly, Straight-leg style, subtle fading and whiskering through thighs, iconic back pocket stitching, iconic leather patch, Stone-Bio-Fade Washed



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Hawks have been used for falconry from ancient times in many countries for their great hunting ability and, in Japan, the hunting by sovereigns had been a symbol of the authority. 

They are related to a mountain god as a god of hunting for their beautiful wings and virile actions and are elevated to the symbol of or a messenger of a mountain god. 


In the Hikosan Jingu shrine erected in Mt. Hikosan, which is professed as a sacred mountain of god, the deity who is believed to descend in the similitude of a hawk is enshrined, and hawks are closely concerned with the story about erection of the shrine.  




Once upon a time,

a hunter lived at the foot of Mt. Hikosan. 

He loved to hunt animals more than anything else in the world.


One day when he was hunting in the mountain, an old man showed up. 

The old man, who was a Chinese monk of Northern Wei travelling to Japan,

preached him that he should not be wasteful of life.  

He, however, did not obey the warning. 

He discovered an extremely unusual white deer,

which was looking down at the lower world from a far cliff,

and hurled his spear at the deer. 

He almost felt the spear strike home and ran up the cliff

to find the white deer collapsed with its neck pierced by his spear. 


When he almost finished it with his knife,

three hawks came flying down in front of him. 

The first hawk mouthed and pulled out the spear from the neck of the deer,

the second hawk wiped gushing blood with its wing

and the third hawk fed the deer water in which a hinoki leaf was soaked. 

And then, the deer which was supposed to be dying rose to its feet and

disappeared beyond big trees in a blink.


The sight had the hunter realized that

the white deer was an incarnation of a deity and the hawks were its messengers,

and he was apprenticed to the Chinese monk and

erected the Hikosan Jingu shrine in the mountain.