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Please let us know your wants such as:


  • ”I want to hang the painting of my lovely pet on the wall…”
  • ”I want the E-SHI artist to draw an art on my own jeans…”
  • ”The "Dragons" is cool but it'd be cooler for me if it's drawn on the back…”
  • ”I loved the painting I saw at a temple.  So I want him to draw it…”


Why don’t you get your only original item?

Please feel free to get in touch with us!




GYO-UN’s original art can be given a twist to.


E-SHI artist not only draws our original art as is but also gives a twist to it in accordance you’re your requests.


Of course, paintings outside of GYO-UN’s original art are welcomed!


We accept designs outside of our original art such as one of your lovely pets, animals, etc.  Please send us the photos of what you want the artist to depict.  He depicts the object modeling after them exactly and also draws what is not in the photos adding his imagination and invention.  If you kindly send us various photos of the same object such as the ones from different angles or the ones with different brightness, we could offer you more exact art.


    • Paintings are drawn all by hand and with the original technique of the E-SHI artist.  Therefore, we may not accept some of your requests due to his technique.
    • We will do our best so as to approximate to your request but, regarding slight feeling and subtle color nuance, we may not be able to come up to your request so please entrust them to us.


List of GYO-UN’s original art


Drawing sample


Art can be drawn not only on jeans!


Art can be drawn on various materials such as Washi paper, denim, cotton, leather, silk, etc.  Some materials, such as the fabric of nylon or polyester, are not suitable for GYO-UN arts.  Please let us know your requests first.


Carry-in material is welcomed!


Besides our original jeans, we offer you Washi paper and denim which is used for our art jeans as a material which your requested art is drawn on.

If you send your belonging such as jeans to us, E-SHI artist can draw your requested art on it.

  • If you want to use a material outside of denim, please get in touch with us in advance.  We may not accept some materials due to its quality.
  • If you want to carry in your belonging, please mark the place on it where you want the artist to draw an art with tape tightly and send it to us at your own cost after you receive our confirmation notice.


Flowchart about CUSTOMIZE service.



Regarding inquiries, estimates, or orders of CUSTOMIZE item, please contact us.