Brand Concept



In Japan, the apprentice monk of Zen Buddhism is called “雲水(Un-sui).”  This word is derived from “行雲流水(Ko-un ryu-sui),” which means “the clouds floating in the sky and the flowing water,” in other words, "to act according to things without any fixation."  The apprentice monk, Un-sui, quests for truth leaving himself to his situation like the clouds floating in the sky and the flowing water without any fixation on any concerns.  That is one of Japanese view of life, which has been at the root of Japanese culture for a long, long time. 

The brand concept of Gyo-un is to sense the voices of people all over the world, the power of living, the air, the water, the earth and the nature, and to express them in fashion as they are.


What Gyo-un cherishes is Japanese taste.  The culture of Kyoto, the ancient city which has thousand-year history, has been in a center of it.  It has been come down and deepened in any culture and art, which make the town of and the life in Kyoto gorgeous, such as architecture, handicrafts, garden, Mai (dance), Noh play, Sadoh (tea ceremony), Kadoh (flower arrangement) and Kimono.  Gyo-un is also in its grand stream and is breathed a life into by excellent techniques and sensibilities of one Kyoto E-Shi artist.  His dynamic and elaborate representation has met with the first-class denim produced in Okayama Prefecture, which is the representative jeans-producing prefecture in Japan, and, through sophisticated sewing techniques, become the superb articles we can proud of.  Although it cannot be said enough that each article is an artistic masterpiece, it is by no means created for being hung on the wall.  We would like you to put it on in your daily life, enjoy its quality, admire its beauty and share wonder and emotion with other people.  This is a wish of Gyo-un.