Where does Gyo-un ship?
Gyo-un ships to the whole of Japan, and to the countries and areas EMS serves, such as Asia, Australia, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and so on, but may not ship to some countries and areas due to conflict, natural disaster, prevention of epidemics and so on.
How long will delivery take?
Gyo-un jeans are produced on order.  Therefore, it takes about 1 month and a half for you to get them after we confirm your payment.  GYO-UN merchandise, it depends on the destination, will reach you within a week after dispatch for domestic shipment or, for international shipment, within a week or 2 weeks after dispatch.
How is gyo-un Merchandise shipped?
Gyo-un merchandise will be shipped by SAGAWA EXPRESS for domestic and EMS for international shipment.   Once we shipped them out to you, we will inform you the tracking No. via e-mail.   You can track them on the website of SAGAWA EXPRESS or EMS but may not track the package to some countries or areas.



Which currencies are accepted in the online shop?
Please remit your payment in Japanese Yen or US Dollar.  The price in US Dollar fluctuates with the exchange rate.  The price which is mentioned in our website at the time when your order is submitted is applied to your purchase price.
Can I cancel a purchase or return items?
You can cancel your order until we confirm your payment, because we set about the production after we confirm your payment.   We regret to say that we cannot accept return basically because Gyo-un jeans are one-off.   In case of cancel or return with the errors, etc. caused by courier, you will be requested to bear full responsibility to elucidate indemnity liability for it.
How can I get a refund?


We cannot accept return basically because GYO-UN jeans are ome-off.  In case you must necessarily cancel your order, we refund through the bank, after deducting the actual charges concerned and our charges (the painting fee for the artist, etc.)

What if my merchandise does not fit?
We regret to say that we cannot accept the exchange because Gyo-un jeans are one-off.   You are requested to check the size on the size chart and select the size which fits you certainly.



Would you take up the hem of the jeans?
We regret to say that we basically cannot take up the hem of the jeans for you because we stock some jeans with no WAGARA arts in advance.  If you insist, we’ll accept your offer subject to the additional charge, JPY3,000, and your approval for that your ordered jeans have no fading on the hems because they are taken up after all processes.



Do I have to register to order?
Yes, we request the registration of all the new customers. We also welcome your registration only. 
What should I do when I want to change the content of my registration or delete my registration?


When you want to change the content, please send us the alternative content by e-mail and we’ll process the modification.  When you want to delete your registration, please send us an e-mail and we’ll process your withdrawal.



Do I get an order confirmation from you after I placed an order?


Yes. Your order will be confirmed when we confirm your payment.  After we confirm your payment, we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail.

How can I order?


  1. Click “purchase” on each page of our merchandise and let us know your full name, address, e-mail address, phone number, size, quantity, and if necessary, your membership number and any comments.
  2. Receive our e-mail and make sure your order and the payment method.  We will send you the e-mail within 3 business days.
  3. Process your payment according to our e-mail.
  4. Receive our e-mail of an order confirmation.
Do I have to pay any other cost besides the price of the goods?


Yes, the bank remittance charge, delivery cost and depending on the destination, duties and taxes will cost.  Please make inquiry about delivery cost because it depends on the destination.



When is the payment deadline?
Please remit the payment in 7 days after we send you the e-mail about the payment method.
What should I do if I couldn’t pay for my order by the deadline.
Your order will be canceled.  Please submit your order again.
How can I pay?
Please remit your payment to our bank account.  We will let you know the information of our bank account in our mail.