About us

About Us

Welcome to "Gyo-un", the website with the finest online selection of made-in-Japan jeans with wonderful Japanese-style patterns. "Gyo-un" is the private brand provided by AMS Corporation, ltd. in Japan. We, founded in 1997, are the apparel planning company of designer’s brands and private brands, and have been engaging in planning new projects for major clients, such as the loungewear brand "Towa" of Wacoal holdings corp., "Kansai kids" produced by Kansai Yamamoto, who is a famous fashion designer in Japan, and private brands of Nishimatsuyachain Co., Ltd, which is one of the major retailers dealing with clothing for babies, infants and children. "Gyo-un" products set a new tone in the jeans scene.


Company Name: AMS Corporation, ltd.
Foundation: July, 1997 (incorporated in May, 2002)
Representative: Kenji Mizutori, President
Business Location: 3F Kofu Bldg., 1-10-1 Kofuen, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo 662-0832
TEL:  (81)-798-69-0882 
FAX: (81)-798-63-9294
Inquiry(English only)
For inquiries in Japanese, please contact to info@gyo-un.com
Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 18:00 (JST)
Closed on Japanese National Holidays
Our Business:
  • Planning for baby, child and women’s apparel products
  • Forming the patterns and preparation of the sewing specifications for apparel mentioned above.
  • Offer of sewing direction to the sewing factories abroad.
  • Other general services concerning apparel products.
Major Clients
(as of March 31, 2010):
  • Marubeni Fashion Link, Ltd.
  • Nishimatsuyachain co., ltd.
  • Nissen Holdings Co., ltd.
  • King Co., Ltd.
  • S.C. Partners Co., ltd.
  • GSI Creos Corporation
  • fith Co., Ltd.
  • yagi & co., ltd.
  • M-First Co., Ltd.